Nutrisystem Week 7

Well today is July 13, 2018 and I just finished week 76 on Nutrisystem. I weighted in this morning at 268.8lbs. that gives me a total of 32.6lbs for the first 7 weeks on the program. This week I only lost 2.0lbs, which for most people would be very satisfying, nut for me its not. I wanted more and its getting very hard to stay dedicated.

This is our first week back from our daughter’s wedding. It was a very rough week back. I even had a cave in on the cravings and went to McDonalds for a Big Mac. Boy did it ever taste good. Hadn’t had something like that in over 2 months. Also orders a Coke, that also is something I have not had in almost 6 months. It sure was sweet tasting, which I was not prepared for. Could not finish it due to the taste just didn’t do it for me anymore.

Received another shipment today of food. Had a lot left over due to our traveling so we gave some to our friends to try and see if they like it enough to join themselves. I got the Dry food within 4 days of my order processing, but its been more than a week and they just sent out my frozen food yesterday. Not sure why it takes so long to send some of it but other parts of it process quickly.

The NuMi application is still a great application, but it is starting to get old having to log all my food and drinks every time I put something in my mouth.  I do still love the logging the weight and it tracking how I am doing. Logging food though will just have to continue but I am not as loyal to logging it. I am eating all the same food properly so logging it doesn’t really get me anything unless there is a challenge to go with it. When you log exercise, it doesn’t give you move calories to eat even though it shows you the total calories burned during the exercising.

Well hope to see you all next week for the next update. This week I am going to try my best to get back serious on this and continue my weight loss. I have lost a little less than 50% of the weight I want to so I feel I have gone too far to give up, but it’s getting harder so I hope to get past this point of the program.


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