Nutrisystem Week 10

Well toady is August 3, 2018 and I just finished my 10th week on the Nutrisystem program. Again this week was a very bad week for me on the program. The doctor had me staying off of my ankle still and he also didn’t want me in the pool. As the pressure of swimming and the water he didn’t want. I went today though to him and he has cleared me to start exercising again but to take it slow. I haven’t weighted myself for the past two weeks and have been eating fast food a lot, so I am not looking forward to that part fo the diet. Will attempt to weight myself this week if I am able to get back on the program.

This has taught me one thing and that is I do need to learn how to eat properly for when this program is over. I have been so concerning with only eating the food they send and not really eating at home or out except when I have too. I need to spend more time to on learning how to control my urges or when I have reached my goal it won’t last, and I will just gain it back.

I have more or less quit using the NuMi application on my phone. Without being able to stay on the program I found it useless as all it would tell me is I am eating way too much. Will start using it again tomorrow morning to see if it will help motivate me to get back on the program and stay on it this time.

Well hope to see you all next week for the next update. I will weight in no matter what and hopefully at worse be back to where I was at the end of week 8. I don’t think I could give up on this program now, but it is going to be tough to get back on it again. My wife and I have decided though that if I don’t get back on it this week, I am going to go off of it as the cost is not ideal if I am not going to take it seriously.


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